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Westcoast Forest Therapeutics: Gift Cards

Please find the amount you would prefer, then click “Pay with Card”. After payment is complete, you will receive a payment confirmation from Stripe via email. The payment confirmation email will work as proof of purchase when booking the massage. Please bring a copy or screenshot of the payment confirmation email when coming for the appointment. If you prefer to have an e-gift card, please contact us directly and we will provide you a gift voucher via email.

You are also welcome to visit us in person to purchase the Gift Card at our clinic in downtown Vancouver.

45 Minute Massage — $81   ( $75+5%GST+ 3% Stripe charge )

60 Minute Massage — $91.80  ( $85+5%GST+ 3% Stripe charge)

90 Minute Massage — $124.20 ( $115+5%GST+ 3% Stripe charge)

120 Minute Massage — $162 ( $150+5%GST+ 3% Stripe charge)

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to 5% sales tax.  Payments are handled securely by Stripe and will include a 3% processing fee.
NO NEED to sign-up or be a member. It’s a fast, free, secure method of making payments

Please note that gift cards are non-refundable and expire 24 months after the purchase date.